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Tudor Toymaker
Hands-on toy making

Toy making workshops for schools and museums

aimed at children of all ages from 4 upwards.  All our toys are based on

examples from the last 3,500 years.

Heuristics - "to learn by discovery"

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We travel to you

maximise work time, each pupil gets a 2½ hour hands-on workshop

avoid the stress of planning trips

Each pupil makes their own toy, Start - Finish

using a variety of tools and techniques, suited to the pupils age, with one-on-one supervision.  From 4 years of age and upwards, everyone uses a hand-drill and a hammer plus other relevant tools

Cross-curricular program

Toy history, Science, DT, Maths



Our NEW toy handling collection

to help teachers and pupils explore toys and materials, suited to your own lesson plan

A special handling collection of original and replica toys from early Victorian - 1960’s

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Typical Pantin as early as 16th century