Got a few questions about our toy making school activities? Check here to see if they've already been answered!

How many pupils can you fit in to a workshop?

Now that we are not coming in to the classroom for a fixed 2 hour slot, you can have the luxury of splitting your groups in to whatever format works for you today.

What age range do you work with?

We believe the toys and activities are suitable from reception upwards. You can adjust the range of toys, the science content, and the involvement with tools according to age.

What do the children do?

Everything. Please check out ‘The typical toy day’ for a comprehensive description.

What does the school need to provide?

Just the opportunity for each child to have time, space, a bit of direction from an adult and perhaps access (whilst in school) to an internet facility where they can talk to the toymakers.

Do the children have a choice of toy?

Normally no, but these are different times. Do you want them to have a choice?

Our kits have a wide range of toys, as you can see from the Examples page, and hopefully you will be able to distribute them without any problem, however, if you have other ideas and wish to discuss this with us then please do.