Join ToysInSchool for a great start to the new term

JoinToysInSchool for
a great start to the new term

How can we help you to build a fabulous toy making workshop for your children?

We have a whole wealth of toys, experience and knowledge of toys and toy making. Let us guide you to deliver a workshop the children will never forget.


Perhaps wheels and axles are your thing

These 10 toys use fixed and free wheels and the children can learn as they make.

These include worksheets that include maths and science and history.


Lost in the Toy Museum by David Lucas

Is this part of your topic this year?

The children can make toys based on some of the characters in the book and help them recreate the stories and even build new ones.

A selection of regular toys all available and all based on toys through history.

We have the knowledge and tutorials to help you give this to your children.

We have helped over 40,000 children. Let us help you now.

Contact us today for more information.